Advertise in Cache Valley on the Bus

Right now you can start advertising digitally on the bus through slides or videos. Get your message out to Cache Valley. We’re currently selling 10 second slots. Contact us to get started today.

Why Advertise on The Bus?


Captive Audience

Riders on the bus want to be entertained, they want to learn, and they want to hear about your company.
Digital on-bus advertising offers a unique opportunity to spread your brand.

Cache Valley Map

Advertise in Logan

Each year consumers spend over 1 BILLION Dollars in Cache Valley. Get your share by advertising locally inside the bus.
In each of the last three years CVTD ridership has topped 2 MILLION, with riders throughout all of Cache Valley.

Wide Demographics

Wide Demographics Range

Did you know that the public transit system in Cache Valley is Free?
This creates a wide range of riders from high school students, USU college students, employees, renters, homeowners, business owners, etc.
Reach your target audience through CVTD Digital Advertising.

CVTD and Pope Tech

Local Companies assisting you

Pope Tech has partnered with CVTD to bring professional digital advertising to CVTD bus riders.
We are a local company with offices in Logan, Utah. Our goal is to grow Cache Valley and your business.


  • Content Runs for a month
  • Ad runs on a continous loop that is short enough to be seen on average by each rider
  • We're currently selling 10 second slots
  • Digital content runs through a display controller
  • Pope Tech offers proffesional graphic design services
  • Contact us now to advertise in Logan!
Display shown on bus

Wondering what type of marketing is best for your company?

CVTD Digital Advertising is the most economical and effective way to market your business.
CVTD Digital Advertising is your best choice for reach and impact in Cache Valley per dollar spent.
Contact us today to see your ad on the bus!

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