What is CCTV you may ask? It stands for closed circuit television, or in other words your camera security system. Building a business can be hard, protecting your business can be easy. Let us help protect your business and give you peace of mind.

Pope Tech Camera Security System

Reasons to implement camera systems

Prevent, detect, reduce, deter, control and have evidence for:

  • Boosting productivity
  • Alarms
  • Reducing accidents
  • Controlling theft
  • Controlling shrink
  • Controlling fraud
  • Liability evidence; slip and fall, sexual harassment, physical
  • Can lower insurance rates
  • Help comply with HIPAA, PCI, SOX regulations
Our Process: Scoping, Development, Agreement of Services, Installation, Configuration & Customization, Training, Quality Control, Support.
We will understand your operation, needs and challenges before we sell any equipment or recommend any services. Our priority is your organization's success.

Our Camera Security Services:

  • Custom built DVR/NVR
  • Recommendations and procurement of cameras
  • DVR/NVR health monitoring
  • High definition upgrades
  • DVR/NVR upgrades and repairs
  • Data backup and storage
  • Installation and Networking
  • Configuration
  • Training
  • Support
Pope Tech Custom DVR
Tech Tip

Camera Security Systems can help you comply with HIPAA, PCI, SOX as well as sometimes lower your insurance costs.