About Pope Tech

Founded in 2010, Pope Tech is a family company whose mission is to significantly improve web accessibility for as many people as possible by empowering web creators in making websites accessible to people with disabilities. The Pope Tech philosophy is people over products, education over sales, and accessibility over compliance.

Pope Tech publicly announced its partnership with WebAIM in 2017 with a goal of creating an enterprise or site wide accessibility reporting system powered by the WAVE Engine. Today many organizations use Pope Tech to test their website for web accessibility, our clients include hundreds of Higher Ed Institutions, Government Agencies, banks and credit unions, ecommerce websites, web agencies and many other organizations of all types.

Follow us on Twitter @PopeTechA11y or Contact Us directly. Pope Tech is headquartered in Logan, Utah.


Web Accessibility in mind

WebAIM's mission is to empower organizations to make their web content accessible to people with disabilities. WebAIM is an entity at the Center for Persons with Disabilities at Utah State University. Pope Tech and WebAIM are working together to bring the WAVE Suite of tools to more people and ultimately facilitate more websites to be accessible.