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Website & Course Accessibility

Simplify Web Accessibility

Pope Tech gives you the tools, training and support needed to achieve your web accessibility goals for your websites or Canvas course content.

Website Solution

  • Automatically find accessibility issues on all of your pages
  • Track manual tests
  • Built in Accessibility Training
  • Accessibility Dashboards for unlimited users
  • Benchmark and track your progress
How website scanning works

Course Solution

  • Automatically scan all Canvas LMS content
  • Built in Accessibility Guide for instructors to create accessible content
  • Scale Accessibility Training
  • Course, instructor and admin dashboards
  • Benchmark and track your progress
How course scanning works

How to make your web content accessible

Accessibility is possible. Compliance is possible. Any organization can start improving their web accessibility today but it isn't as simple as checking a box or adding a line of code.

Achieve and maintain web accessibility by using a web accessibility framework that considers your entire organization and content lifecycle. Embedding accessibility into your organization is more successful and cheaper than repeatedly fixing or covering up issues in production.

Accessibility framework and example questions

Circle web accessibiilty framework
  1. 1. Identify

    How many websites and pages do you have? How many documents and videos? What are your organization's accessibility goals?

  2. 2. Prevent

    Are content creators and developers trained on web accessibility to prevent issues from happening?

  3. 3. Detect

    Do you leverage automated and manual testing together to have a complete view of the accessibility of your content?

  4. 4. Respond

    What is your process for documenting and prioritizing detected issues? How do accessibility issues fit inside of your overall development prioritization?

  5. 5. Remediate

    Who is responsible to fix accessibility issues? Is remediation used as a training opportunity? Are processes evaluated and fixed when issues are missed?

Pope Tech helps organizations simplify their efforts as part of their overall accessibility strategy.

Not sure how to get started?

We get it, accessibility can be challenging and sometimes you aren't sure how to get started. Schedule a free consultation to go over your accessibility efforts and goals with an accessibility specialist.

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An accessibility platform you'll love to use

  • Simple easy to use interface. Usable accessibility data in just a few minutes.
  • Accessibility education embedded into platform. Monthly accessibility focus topics. Quarterly accessibility trainings for training seat users.
  • Automated reports in your inbox each month.
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A trusted Accessibility Partner

Pope Tech is trusted by hundreds of companies, universities and organizations of all sizes. From the biggest companies in the world to small local non-profits and everything in between. We scan millions of pages each month using the industry standard WAVE testing engine.

We look forward to working together to help you reach your web accessibility goals.


One way to prevent accessibility issues is through web accessibility training for content creators.

Not everyone needs to be an accessibility expert but everyone who creates content should know a few things about web accessibility.

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