Pope Tech Features

Built on the WAVE Engine

All the information WAVE provides across your whole site.

Separates data into 6 easy to understand categories: Errors; Alerts; Contrast Structural Elements Features; and Aria/HTML5. The same categories that you are familiar with in WAVE.

WAVE web accessibility evaluation tool

Fast and accurate web accessibility testing

Pope Tech Identifies:

  • Scannable WCAG 2.2 A or AA success criteria (Using the WAVE engine)
  • Contrast errors
  • Links to PDFs, Word Docs, Excel files
  • Embedded videos or links to videos
  • Skip links and suspicious alternative text
  • Plus much more

Unlimited users and customizable groups

Grouping structure that works from small organizations to statewide entities

  • Create any group structure to match your organization
  • Ability to nest and order groups
  • Assign unlimited users and websites to groups
  • Easy to use


(This isn't a feature but is always worth mentioning)

Pope Tech is built with accessibility in mind and is audited frequently both internally and by our partner, WebAIM. WCAG compliance is important, but we want to be as accessible and user-friendly as possible. We are always open to feedback and are striving to improve.

Other Pope Tech Features

Unlimited Rescans
Tips On How To Fix Issues
Automated Scanning
Email Reports
Fully Supported
Track Progress Over Time

Other features you might want to know about:

  • Unlimited scanning and rescanning
    • No extra cost for rescanning (scan, remediate, then rescan)
    • On-demand scans
    • Scheduled scans (set scan to happen weekly, monthly or quarterly)
  • Enterprise Dashboard
    • Pope Tech delivers information the way you want it. Take a high-level view of your global dashboard or drill down to focus on the details.
    • Easily see most common errors and alerts
    • Drill down by type of errors or by website
    • Quickly get to the line of code or view the Web page in WAVE
    • Compare groups by frequency (or density) of errors
  • Track progress over time
    • Track your whole organization, sub-groups, and individual websites
    • Monitor Alerts and Errors as they decrease or increase
  • Embedded WAVE documentation (What it means, how to fix it, WCAG 2.2 guidelines, etc.)
  • Customizable website crawling and easy to use website management tools
    • Multiple ways to add web pages to your scanning bucket (crawl, CSV upload, or manually add pages)
    • Customize the crawler settings (start page, whitelist/blacklist directories, etc.)
    • Advanced Web page management tools (archive, move, delete pages)
  • Add unlimited users and manage their access
    • Create custom roles with different permissions
    • Assign users to roles and groups
  • Flexible reporting
    • Dashboard reporting granted with "view only" access
    • On-demand and scheduled email reports
  • Fully supported
    • We help onboard your organization and train your key user(s)
    • Growing library of documentation and accessibility articles
    • Helpdesk support (email or phone support)
  • Improving product. Pope Tech is responsive to customer feedback and needs. We want to improve web accessibility.
Email report summary

Accessibility Help Desk.

For Professional plans, your key user(s) can submit accessibility questions about errors and alerts reported by Pope Tech from within the platform and receive Tier 1 human Accessibility Guidance.

For specifics review our Accessibility Helpdesk FAQ