The power of WAVE, at the scale you need

You ever wish that WAVE had exportable reports? Or could scan all of your pages at the push of a button instead of page by page? What about saving and tracking your accessibility progress over time?

We can get you up and running with usable accessibility data in just a few minutes.

Pope Tech simplifies your life through automated web accessibility testing and gives you ongoing reporting and support.

How it Works

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    Create an Accessibility Baseline

    Our crawler discovers your pages and your first scan gives you your starting baseline.

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    Monthly accessibility cadence

    Receive actionable accessibility reports in your inbox each month automatically. Monthly training focus integrates with the dashboard.

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    Rescan on demand

    Rescan any website as much as you want for free as you improve your accessibility. Review inline documentation in plain english on what each result means and how to fix it.

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    Involve entire team

    Everyone focusing a little on accessibility will have a huge impact.

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    Manual testing

    Leverage Pope Tech and WAVE in your manual testing. Automated testing can’t detect all accessibility issues.

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    Track your progress Over time

    Document your accessibility wins and make your websites more accessible to people with disabilities.

Need help along the way?

Leverage our accessibility help desk
Free with Professional Plan

How it's used

  • Accessibility testing at any scale

    For Example:
    A university scans hundreds of thousands of pages across hundreds of websites.

  • Automatic scheduled reports

    For Example:
    A city automatically receives accessibility reports in their inbox each month.

  • Track progress over time

    For Example:
    An organization uses the dashboard to show that detectable errors and alerts have decreased.

  • Unlimited

    For Example:
    A department is able to rescan the websites they have access to at any time, as many times as they want.

  • Get

    For Example:
    A new user can find easy-to-follow steps in the Help Center and Result Documentation. When needed, they send questions to accessibility help desk.

  • Resell Pope Tech to your clients

    For Example:
    A web agency resells Pope Tech to their clients as part of their hosting package. They use Pope Tech internally to make sure each new website has no WAVE errors at launch.

How will your organization use Pope Tech to improve
your web accessibility?

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