Accessibility Help Desk

The Accessibility Help Desk is available for Professional plans within the Pope Tech platform. Your key user(s) can submit accessibility questions about errors and alerts reported by Pope Tech from within the platform and receive Tier 1 human Accessibility Guidance.

Accessibility Help desk form with instructions for asking for accessibility help


How does it work?

From the help view within Pope Tech there is a link to submit an accessibility question. Users can submit any question on how to fix an error or alert from Pope Tech reports. Our Accessibility team will review the question and give human feedback along with links to related material to learn more. Our goal is to empower you to fix your accessibility issues.

Will you answer any accessibility question?

No, some websites can have complex interactions that require more time to fix. Our help desk will help with your Tier 1 accessibility questions. These are typically related to errors and alerts reported by Pope Tech. If you aren't sure just submit it and we will answer or point you in the right direction.

Users also ask for general recommendations on next steps of improving their accessibility when they fixed all of their errors or alerts. We are happy to send resources and feedback. Sometimes a little feedback from someone who has done it before can go a long way.

Why don't you offer the help desk for monthly plans?

We see our accessibility help desk as an investment in your team's accessibility awareness. It's hard to make impact in a month and we find that the best results come from ongoing accessibility plan that includes automated scanning. The process of your accessibility efforts is important because websites change.

What is the response time for replies from the Accessibility desk?

Our policy is 1-2 business days. Our Support and Accessibility team is known for its personal and prompt replies. Every support interaction is with someone who cares abour your success and knows about web accessibility.