Accessibility tickets

As part of our goal to be transparent in our accessibility efforts and improve our accessibility we publish all open accessibility tickets along with our overall Accessibility Statement.

Open Tickets

Ticket Name Description Workaround Reported by Date reported Status
Graph keyboard use Some Dashboard graphs using a 3rd party graphing engine are not keyboard or screen reader accessible. We provide table views of all graphical reports before the graph so data can be accessed via keyboard and screen readers. Quality Assurance 2018 Waiting prioritization
Graph color reliance The over time and groups comparison graphs use color alone to distinguish categories. When you hover over a graph it indicates which category it is in text. Categories can also be turned off and on. Customer feedback Jun 2019 Active Design
Inactive buttons used on website view inactive buttons are used. Inactive buttons are difficult for keyboard users as they can't receive focus or validation. Useable with a keyboard but potentially confusing WebAIM Audit Feb 2020 Active Design
Update in app notifications Toast notifications are used on some forms in the application. Toast notifications can be difficult to spot and disappear after time. Toast notifications are announced to screen readers. (update June 2021 - customer feedback report that sometimes action notifications are not announced) Internal Audit Apr 2020 Prioritized for Development
Accessibility improvements to ComboBox Component ComboBox list children aren't direct children, active selection isn't announced to screen reader, and clearing selection isn't keyboard accessible. Can select the root item instead of clearing. Most screen reader browser combinations work even though it isn't technically correct. Ablr Audit Jan 2021 Active Development
Color Contrast on table sort indicators Color contrast on table sort indicators isn't sufficent No workaround Customer Feedback May 2021 Active Design
Delete Confirmation Some less critical delete options don't require confirmation No workaround Customer Feedback May 2021 Prioritized for Development
Login SSO redirect with out warning For SSO users only the login form redirects without warning to their SSO sign in page after they enter their email address. No workaround Customer Feedback June 2021 Prioritized for Development

Recently completed Tickets

Ticket Name Description Workaround Reported by Date reported Status
Group Tree view Group Tree view not properly reporting the name/role/value No current work around Customer Feedback May 2021 Resolved May 2021
Code View keyboard support Code view is very difficult to navigate with a keyboard No current work around other than viewing directly in WAVE. WebAIM Audit Feb 2020 Resolved May 2021. Code view refactored.
Multiple Ways to navigate Application only has one way to navigate (from the main navigation). Can access content through main navigation. Plan is to add a search functionality in the header. Ablr Audit Jan 2021 Resolved May 2021. Global search added.
Accessibility of login view Error messaging doesn't auto focus on the error, not as clear as it could be. Improve contrast on focus/hover indicators. Messaging is accessible to screen readers but a user might need to search for it. Ablr Audit Jan 2021 Resolved April 2021
Some tables missing scope attribute A few tables in the dashboard only have the scope on the column headers. Content is accessible but less clear than it should be with only the column scope defined. Ablr Audit Jan 2021 Resolved April 2021
Documentation ( Redundant Links Cards each contained many links going to the same place. Keyboard navigable but extra tedious to navigate through redundant links. Ablr Audit Jan 2021 Resolved Mar 2021. Cards updated to be one link. and focus states Focus states on some backgrounds lacked sufficient contrast. focus state was indicated in most cases in multiple ways. Ablr Audit Jan 2021 Resolved Mar 2021. focus state outline contrast improved. and multiple wayts to navigate Only one way to navigate on, not as clear on Is accessible via keyboard but not as easy as it could be. Ablr Audit Jan 2021 Resolved Apr 2021. Sitemap added to, search added to top of and home page layout updated.
ReCaptcha Google ReCaptcha is used on the contact and demo forms on When the fallback triggers this potentially causes issues for some users. After receiving 1,000 spam emails a day a captcha service was implemented. No direct workaround. Quality Assurance Feb 2020 Resolved Mar 2021. ReCaptcha removed.
Focus Management drilling into results Drill into details and nothing is read on the screen reader and the focus is set to the table refresh button Can tab to the header, not user-friendly. WebAIM Audit Feb 2020 Resolved Jan 2021
Navigation Focus When a page is navigated to inside of the Pope Tech application when using Google Chrome the focus is incorrectly placed at the bottom of the page. Navigate by headings or regions to jump to the main content region or the h1 or tab up Internal Audit Feb 2020 Resolved Aug 2020
Tabs screen reader support Tabs used in widgets do not announce which tab is currently active or selected to a screen reader, which may be confusing for users who rely on a screen reader to navigate. Tabbing to content will indicate which is active WebAIM Audit Feb 2020 Resolved Aug 2020. WAI-ARIA Tabs.
Group tree keyboard support Sometimes the tree interface loses focus making it impossible to navigate with a keyboard No Workaround other than refreshing. Internal Audit Feb 2020 Resolved Aug 2020
Dropdowns not closing Dropdowns staying open when focus is changed. manually close the dropdown WebAIM Audit Feb 2020 Resolved Jul 2020